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Welcome to the PCD Commerce Demo Store

  • - Full Source Code JSP/Velocity/Spring/Hibernate/Solr/Lucene
  • - Import your categories, items, prices, inventory from XLS
  • - Geo Location integration - limit items per country or even region or city
  • - Full Soap/XML Web Services Interface
  • - High Performance and Setup to Cluster
  • - Auto Translate to Multiple Languages using Google Translate
  • - Faceted Search
  • - 1 Page Checkout
  • - Includes Vmware Quick Start Appliance

NOTE we are adding more demos each week to demonstrate complex item ordering, business and personal orders and B2B features such payment, shipping and checkout questions that change for invoiceable or non invoiceable shopper. Also note that the translations made by Google translate on this store should be considered a 1st pass translation. Export the language meta data to XLS and have a translator improve it.

Also it seems our SEO is so good we are getting orders for items even though we state they are test items. Please NOTE the items on this site are Test items and will not be shipped or fulfilled.

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Lastest News
  • July 25th 2009

    • Discounts per Customer Type and Product Type
    • Tax per Customer Type, Product Type, and Tax Exemption support
    • Separate Tax Rules for Shipping and Items
    • Bundles and Add-ons
  • January 9th 2009

    • Sales Areas defined via Geolocation
    • Promotions can be specified per country, region, city
    • Admin pages now fully internationalized
    • Solr 1.3 supported
    • Affiliate Marketing Support
    • Support for Ship via 3rd Party, Actual
    • Multiple Distribution Center Support
    • Limit Items per country
    • Distribute Digital Content via S3
    • Discounts per product line per customer
    • Complex Tax per customer or product type supported
    • Maven 2 used to build from source
    • Many Additional Web Services added
    • Import/Export now supports many more data elements
    • Define shipping options per customer via Offercodes
  • August 14th 2008

    • Golf Item with Personalization + Customizations added
    • Titles on home page now from property files
    • Accordian YUI widget added
    • 1 Page Checkout
    • Faceted Search SOLR demo
    • And Or Not Search
    • Multi Language per Store
    • Auto Translate Languages
    • Yahoo UI Css Support
    • Store Locator via Google Maps
    • Credit Application Data Input Form
    • Contact Us Customer Service Form