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Earth Has No Sorrow (PDF)

A PDF reprint from Clothed with Desolation , Sept/Oct 1993

Luther E Smith Jr

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Luther E. SmithÆs tender article invites us to touch our own desolation, our experiences of prolonged, chronic pain.

Noting that desolation itself is less painful than the isolation that so often accompanies it, he advises the remedy of ôcaring relationshipö found in community. By involvement in community and human relationship, the desolate soul is reminded of GodÆs love, and this love gives us the power to endure our pain.

ôEarth Has No Sorrow that Heaven Cannot Healö acknowledges desolationÆs power and transforms its experience into an invitation, a leading into deeper, more honest community involvement and into fresh awareness of GodÆs abiding presence.

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