The Mindful Manager (Print Book)

The God Factor at Work

Patricia Wilson

$ 7.99
  • 9/11/2009
  • FA505
  • 978-19352-0505-0
  • Print Book
  • 6 x 8
  • 224
  • 0.75


In a stressful workplace, finding God can seem like a daunting task. Yet doing so makes all the difference for the company and for its employees.

The Mindful Manager offers tools for self-discovery. It invites managers to explore their core beliefs; their response to change; their approach to conflict management; and their styles of time management, communication, assertiveness, and leadership.

Equipped with these insights, managers will discover more effective ways to listen and communicate. They will learn strategies for resolving conflict, delegating tasks, and empowering employees. More importantly, managers will find suggestions that allow God to be part of each day's interactions. As managers become more mindful of God's presence, they will be inspired to think outside the box and to see their workplace as a place of blessing.

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