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Author: Jodi Caltado

Jodi Cataldo serves as the Director of Laity in Leadership for Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church, working with Lay Servant Ministries, Lay Leaders and Certified Lay Ministers to develop, support and encourage both clergy and laity to reclaim the Wesleyan movement by equipping the saints for ministry through transformational discipleship! Jodi has a long history of leadership development on the conference and general agency level in addition to being in mission through Global Ministries preparing new leaders for one of the new initiatives of The United Methodist Church.

God's Mission, Our Journey

God's Mission, Our Journey

Leader's Guide

Format: PDF

God's Mission, Our Journey is a study to help gain a better understanding of and a more holistic approach to participation in God's mission to the world. This course will help equip lay servants for more effective missional engagement in their commu...

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